Government Lesson Plan

 US Government – Lesson Plans Week  April 10th, 2017 Trouble on the Plains

Standards-Content 2.3, 1-A.1, 1-A.2, 1-B.4, 1.B.5, 1-B.6, 1-C.7, 1-C.9,2-A.2, 2-B.4, 2-B.5, 2-C.7, 2-D.10


Monday 8-21-2017 Bellringer Discussion- Today in history, Page 28-29 Class discussion of illustration. What does war mean in your backyard? What is representative government page 31. Vocab-Students will define and use in sentence form key terms. I will observe and assist whereas needed.  

Tuesday 8-22-2017 Foundation of American Rights. What are your civil rights? what were the limitations set by the English Bill of Rights discussion? The thirteen colonies discussion.  Students will name from memory all 13 colonies that became states.

Wednesday 8-23-2017 Bellringer What is the difference getween a proprietary colony and a charter colony? page 34. Students will complete Section 1 assessment page 34. Classrom discussion page 35 Issues of our time. 

Thursday 8-24-2017 The coming of independence page 36. Checkpoint questions page 37,39,40,42. Checkpoint questions discussion section 2 assessment page 42 and key terms. Written work will be turned in at the end of the hour. 

Friday 8-25-2017 Section 1 and 2 Vocab Quiz review. Section 1 and 2 Vocab Quiz. The Declaration of Independence page 44-45. Clasroom discussion participation. Reviewing the declaration page 47 questions and discussion.

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