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Government Lesson Plan

 US Government – 

Standards-Content 2.3, 1-A.1, 1-A.2, 1-B.4, 1.B.5, 1-B.6, 1-C.7, 1-C.9,2-A.2, 2-B.4, 2-B.5, 2-C.7, 2-D.10




Monday 10-9-2017  Today in History- Bellringer : 6.1 Democracy page 150-151. Discussion on 151, Checkpoint page 153. The 5 stages of Expanding suffrage. discussion. Popcorn ReadingStudents will define and use in sentence form key terms from Chapter. Exit ticket.

Tuesday 10-10-2017 Today in History – Bellringer: Women’s suffrage discussion. Checkpoint page 155.Students will complete section assessments on page 155. Residence Requirements “Where you live” page 157 required reading and discussion.

Wednesday 11-12-2017 Today in History – Bellringer: Checkpoint page 157. Required reading from the constitution page 158. Picture analyze the pic on page 158 and discussion. Location page 159 answer checkpoint questions.

Thursday 10-12-2017  Today in History – Bellringer: Voter Identification page 160. Popcorn reading 160-161. Checkpoint questions page 161 and discussion. Exit ticket.

Friday 10-13-2017 Today in History – Bellringer: Registration Requirements page 162. Section 2 assessment questions completed on page 163. Discussion on current events. 

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